19 March 2013

Today, Google App Engine Team said farewell to deprecated classes in version 1.7.6 causing sevral sites crashed. Even the application was deployed with older SDK the AddResponse class just disappeared. Yes, we all were warned in that release notes but who cares about the warnings. I wish they have mentioned when the new version will be released too so we’ll be extra careful today.

For Gaelyk users there are two choices to fix your application:

Both solutions was discussed in this thread. If you use GaelykCategory class directly in your code, 1.3 snapshot is better option for you because the class is no longer present in the code base of 2.0 snapshots. The category class was broken into serval separate extension modules.

If you’re using plain Java in your Google App Engine application, just switch to latest 1.7.6 SDK and compliation errors will guide you.

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