21 March 2013

Google App Engine is full of hidden traps. One of them is the need to restart long running queries when the query expired causing following exception to be thrown:

The requested query has expired. Please restart it with the last cursor to read more results

In Gaelyk 2.0 you can now tell your query to restart automatically if this happen. Restarting happen under the hood so you can use for loops flawlessly.

To enable automatic restarting of queries add restart automatically statement to your query dsl. Currenty, you can only use this option on iterate method, because it doesn’t make much sense with execute method.

Simple restarting query

def comments = datastore.iterate {
    from Comment
    limit 50000
    restart automatically

for(comment in comments){
    // would throw exception randomly for long running queries
    process comment

You can use restart automatically with select all and select keys query types. It also works with coerced queries using as Type keyword e.g. form 'Comment' as Comment.

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